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Ella - A beautiful snake artist, performs a snake walkabout and a snake stage show. Her belly dancing shows are also mesmerizing.
Farrah - Well established belly dancer, also performs with Ella in a choreographed belly dancing show.
Julia - A stunning belly dancer incorporating veils and fabulous costumes.
  Snake acts and belly dancers     Ella Belly Dancer   Snake acts and belly dancers  
Ziba. Middle eastern style. Trained and performs in Classical persian style.
Yasmin. Stunning belly dancer and great visual performer.
Ella Belly Dancer. Talented belly dancer.
Khalishna. Established and entertaining belly dancer.
Fleur is professional dancer, choreographer and instructor, performs sword balancing and also dances with veils.
Ellin. A beautiful and mesmerising belly dance performer.
Hannah is a unique performer in Turkish, Tribal and Romani styles.
      Snake acts and belly dancers  
A snake performance will liven up your event or party
Seffe. Established Belly dancer who can incorporate her snake for more visual effect on request.
Maria Louise. Very experienced performer with a great personality to mingle with guests.
  Franceska Belly Dancer   Belly dancer    
Franchesca the Belly Dancer.
Aruna. Belly and Snake Dancer.
Anarlak - A tribal belly dance trio perfoming choreographed shows
The Mia Sera belly dance troupe (london based)
  Snake acts and belly dancers  

Neith slow sensual egyptian style, performs a choreographed show with snakes.
The Angel Bollywood troupe of dancers (london based).

The ancient art of belly dance has been around thousands of years and to this day remains remarkably popular all over the world.

Belly dancing arises from the culture of the Arab world, where it is traditionally performed at weddings and parties, as well as in the best nightclubs and theatres.

A snake performance will liven up your event or party, bringing the myth of this amazing creature into close contact with your guests. Snake shows are conducted in a safe and controlled environment.

Contact us to book a Glam Slam dancer.

... these are just a small selection of snake acts and belly dancers we have which are based all around the country with the agency, Call 0208 450 7407.
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