Glam Slam Entertainments - corporate entertainment, tequila girls, male and female models, podium dancers, promotion girls, fire eaters and party entertainmentGlam Slam Entertainments - all your entertainment needs.
Glam Slam Entertainments - all your entertainment needs
Glam Slam Entertainments - male and female models
Glam Slam Entertainments - tequila girls and shot guys
Glam Slam Entertainments - dancers
Glam Slam Entertainments - from fire eaters to human statues

Romi. Belly dancer and tarot reader.

Alex Crowe. Paranormal magician.
Barry John. Stage Hypnotist.
Luke Germay. Mind reader.
Ray Ronson. Stage Hypnotist.

Rosa. Clairvoyant.
Jane Cunningham. Palm and tarot reader.
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