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  Glam Slam shot girls in angel costumes  

Shot Girls for Hire

Shot girls are great for breaking the ice at any event, Glam Slam supply glamorous male and female models with great personalities to mingle and hand out shots, encouraging guests to join in the fun!

The Glam Slam shot girls and guys normally stay at an event for around 3 hours and can hand out free shots of Tequila, Sambucca, Vodka, whatever your choice!

Whether it be a jungle themed birthday party, a fire and ice themed corporate event, or a Mary Poppins Show launch, we supply all our girls and guys in themed costumes to match, ALL included in our fee. Choose from our range of shot girl costumes below, many more are also in stock. Please
contact us for details.

Glam Slam Entertainments - tequila shot nights
  Space Age Shot Girls   Test Tube Shot Girls    
Futuristic Drinks Dispenser Shot Girls
Roller Test Tube Girls
Devil Sambucca Shot Girl
  Absynth Shot Girl   Cowboy guys for shot nights  

Shot girls in London clubs and bars

Glam Slam is famous for supplying gorgeous shot girls to big named clubs and bars around the London area every weekend. With the agency's reputation for reliable girls, who sell well but with a non offensive nature, we have managed to keep some of our clubs we supply over 5 years.

Glam Slam supplies all the shot glasses, shooter belts and outfits and only takes a small commission from the bottle sales, guaranteeing our clients a handsome weekly profit every time!

Shot girls not only add extra revenue to bar sales, but bring in a glamorous visual image and a lively atmosphere to any club, bar or restaurant!

Absynth Fairy Shot Girl
Hunky Wild West Shot Boys, Great for Hen Nights!
  Wicked Shot Girls   Classy drink hostesses   Bunny Shot Girls  
Devilish Sambucca Shot Girls
Drink Hostesses
Bunny Shot Girls
  Japanese Style Shot Girl   Latin Shot Girl   Moulin Rouge Shot Girls   Viking Shot Girls  
Japanese Style Shot Girl
Latin Shot Girl
Moulin Rouge Girls
Viking Themed Shot Girls
  Cuervo approved shot girls  

Shot girls exclusively approved by Cuervo/Diageo PLC.

Cuervo Tequila GirlsGlam Slam is the only shot girls / guys agency in the UK that is approved and used continually by Cuervo/Diageo plc to promote their brand.

In doing so, we are also trained to promote responsible drinking when working in all the clubs and events over the UK that we supply to.

Cuervo Tequila Girls
  Hawaiian Themed Shot Girls   Burlesque shot girls  
Hawaiian Themed Shot Girls
Burlesque Themed Shot Girls
  Shot Girls for Christmas!  

Shot girls for charity events

Our experienced shot guys and girls are great for raising money at any charity event.

Glam Slam shot guys and girls are hired to sell shots and encourage guests to drink for a great cause, with all proceeds going back to Charity.

A great way for your guests to enjoy themselves whilst donating!!

Please contact us for details.

  Wonderland Shot Girls   Belly Dancer Shot Girls  
Wonderland Shot Girls
Belly Dancer Shot Girls
  Western Shot Girls   Hunky shot guys   Naughty shot girls  
Sexy Wild West Shot Girls
Hunky Shot Guys
Devilish Sambucca Shot Girls
Future shot nights
Sixties shot guys
Futuristic Themes
Our Hunky Shot Guys can be themed in these outrageous 60's costumes.
  Brazilian Shot Girls   Twenties Shot Girls   Spanish Shot Nights   Roman shot nights  
Carnival Shot Girls
1920's Themed Shot Girls
Sexy Seniorita Shot Girls
Gladiator Shot Boys
  St Trinians shot nights   Painted shot girl   Shot girl in purple  
St Trinians Shot Girls
Body Paint Shot Girl
Purple Themed Shot Girl
  Pirate shot girls   Space shot nights  
Pirate Wenches
Futuristic Shot Girls
  Nurses shot night   Disco shot girls and guys   Jungle shot night   Exotic shot girls  
Our Sexy Nurse Shot Girls
60's and 70's Themed Costumes for our Glamourous Shot Girls!
Tarzan and Jane, Great for Jungle Themes.
Indian Themed Shot Girls
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